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Launched in 2020, the Masterbeef platform is new to market however it's backed by over two decades of development

Masterbeef is the brainchild of Darren Hamblin, a well-known and respected Central Queensland Wagyu Producer. For well over 20 years, Darren has been a data evangelist and an advocate of individual animal data collection. Darren makes all his critical business decisions based on the data he collects about every animal in his herd.

The formula is simple…all data is valuable!

Good, accurate data equates to sound and informed business decisions.  From producers to feedlot operators, abattoirs, sales and final customer feedback, everyone has a pivotal data role to play in the livestock supply chain.

Masterbeef is a partnership between Darren Hamblin and iScape, an Information Technology company based in Mackay and Brisbane, Queensland. iScape has over 15 years experience in software development with a strong AgTech and Mining sector background. The combination of Darren’s livestock industry expertise and iScape’s cloud based software capabilities has resulted in the development of the Masterbeef platform.

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Data Collection
Accurate data collection is the first and most important step to attaining data-driven business decision making. Livestock data is collected in many different ways and Masterbeef encourages the use of all "best of breed" supply chain digital recording systems. In conjunction with our data platform, and following two years in development, Masterbeef is also proud to bring an affordable low cost image carcase assessment app to market.


Data integration made easy
Good quality livestock data is constantly being collected and generated by producers, government agencies, feedlots, abattoirs and countless third-parties. This data is disparate and comes in all shapes and sizes making it difficult to manage and collate. Masterbeef removes these complexities by providing an industry standard secure data integration service that can be customised to handle any data source.


Visualise your Data
Quality data analytics requires clean, accurate and structured data. The manual process of preparing your data for analysis is extremely time consuming and repetitive. Masterbeef automatically links your data and transforms it making analysis simple and reliable. Your data is always available and no manual handling is required!


Make informed decisions
Take the guess work out of selecting your best animals. All the answers are in your data! ...

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